Wow! the past few days have been such a whirlwind. Some fun things i´ve done lately:

Thursday: went to the supermarket with my Brasilian parents and our friend Jesse. yes, it´s true – the supermarket was a great time. Jesse and I were running around the place and I learned tons of words in portuguese as the family literally filled two whole carts worth of food. This was a place where the cultural difference was very apparent. We bought many items that I had never tried or even seen before. One of my most favorite things was suco marucuja (passion fruit juice – sososo delicious).

Friday: went out in Belem for the first time! This was the start to a very crazy weekend! My sister, Jesse, and I started off the night at a cool hang out spot to play pool called Dou Para in one of the most popular streets for night life in Belem – Doca. After that we met up with two of my sister´s friends, Breno and Sergio, and went to this underground style Reggae dance. It was awesome, the band was great, and I learned to dance Brazilian reggae 🙂 Needless to say after a great night we didn´t arrive home until 5 am!

Saturday: my first day without class I got to sleep in (very important). In the afternoon Lidiane took me to the aniversario (birthday party) of Renata, a friend of hers and I got to meet a bunch of Lidiane´s friends from work. This experience gave me a look into yet another type of Brazilian culture as Renata´s house was in a gated community and by far the fanciest I had seen yet. Between the outfits that the girls were wearing and the maids that were serving us I literally felt like I was in a portuguese-speaking version of Beverly Hills. Everyone was really nice and I had a lot of fun there as well.

Then came saturday night. My sister had been able, thanks to a friend of hers, to get she, my SIT friends Zoe and Haley, and myself on the list to get into a very exclusive club in Belem called Deja Vu for free. I know, ridiculous, tell me how much I love my sister. We got there around 1 am when the club was opening and within an hour or so it was totally bumping. This was my first time ever actually partying at a club and let me tell you – it was intensely insane. Soooo much fun though! Our other SIT friend Forrest had also gotten onto the list so we all had a great time dancing (surprisingly) to crazy remixes of mostly American popular music.

Today: after going to bed at 6 in the morning, I literally woke up at 3 pm. Only to go to another party of course. At around 4 my sister and I drove to her aunt and uncle´s house for another aniversario. This one was a lot more chill and had a lot more people. There was a pool so tons of kids were swimming and there was a ton of eating, drinking, and dancing. Jesse taught me a bit more Brazilian dancing and one of the highlights was when 5 or six really young girls put on scarves and bindis (along with their bathing suits of course) and performed the elaborate indian dance featured in probably the most popular novelas (soap operas) in Brazil – Caminho do Indias. The night was so much fun and was a perfect example of one of my most favorite aspects of Brazilian culture – the incredibly strong sense of community and family.


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  1. 1

    Kathee McCormack said,

    Wow – you rock girl! Any academics on the horizon? Love Mom and Dad

  2. 2

    Louise Schiavone said,

    Carra! Sounds like a terrific experience so far. Don’t forget to be cautious. Your stories are fabulous! Much love- Louise

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